Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Valentine's Day Surprise!

I was planning to wait a bit longer, but I just couldn't! I figured today was the best day of all to release the cover of my new novel. Say My Name will be released this summer, and I'll be sure to let you know the date as soon as it's been decided.

Here is just a little information about the steamy new story:

Liliana Hart waited and worked for years to get to grad school, and as she was about to begin, her financial aid went haywire. Without a way to pay for her courses and no thoughts to giving up, she went to work finding a solution. 

Now she is Lily by day and Lilah by night. Working as a phone sex operator, Lily does more than fulfill fantasies. She learns secrets, pasts, and quite a bit about love. 

Read about her super sexy secret and what she does when one man finds out!
Friday, February 6, 2015

Share the Love Blog Hop

We're Sharing the Love this week and surprise bombing bloggers and authors we adore with a little love! Hop by all of the blogs for chances to win great prizes at each stop and find out which authors and bloggers we think are so darn special!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day: Sweet or Sexy?

This Valentine's Day, do you plan to be sweet or sexy? Knowing that we have a choice allows for so many options! Are you headed to dinner and movie, or maybe to a play? Will you stay home and read beautiful poems to each other?

Regardless of what you plan to do, Valentine's Day can be stressful. It is a day we are meant to show our love, but what if you just can't find the right thing? Real Simple has done a great job coming with a list of fun gifts that may do the trick! They range in price and sentiment, and they may take some of the stress out of shopping for that special man!   Real Simple's Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

And if you are looking for something steamy and dirty, Lexi Maxxwell has a great selection. Consider MILF, a series focused on a family gal, Natalie. She has a husband, two kids, a sensible luxury car, the works, but her family's desperate needs, she turns to tricks, well, turning them actually. The sex scenes are insane and not for the meek. In fact, the story begins smack in the middle of one. If you're looking for sex, and I mean SEX with a few extra XXXs, with a story, MILF is for you!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Book Review: Staci Hart's Hardcore

Staci Hart has an amazing imagination that combines unexpected plot elements with some super sexy scenes. Her female protagonist finds herself running, again, from life, love, the police, and her past. She takes to the heights of New York in order to survive.

When she meets Van, she has to make a choice. Does she run or does she finally sit still and open her heart?

Creating believable characters that push boundaries, Hart offers readers sex, fantasy, and plot in a rare combination that is creative and pushes us to imagine a different possibility.


Release Schedule:

Release – 1/27

Release – 2/24

Release – 3/24