Monday, March 30, 2015

Fool for Books Giveaway Hop

April Fool's Day gives us a chance to play practical jokes on everyone in our wake across multiple continents and in numerous countries. But pranks run the gamut from the inane to the extreme. I remember my brother offering me a piece of candy one April Fool's Day when we were kids. Of course, when I bit into it, I didn't meet with the sweet chocolate flavor I anticipated. Instead, I bit into a black licorice-flavored carob bite. Not at all what I expected! So, what was the best or worst prank you've faced or seen on April Fool's?

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  1. The best April fools joke every played on me was in 2004. Our 5 year old son crawled on to our bed all excited and announed he had finally decided what he wanted for his birthday on April 14th. Both my husband and and I gave him our full attention He the clearly and decisively articulated that he wanted a
    little brother or sister. We both looked at each other and my husband said too expensive, and I said that we weren’t doing that now and we had already talked about it. I redirect the coversation to talking about his birthday party. Oh, the joke part….three weeks later I found out i was about 5/6 weeks pregnant…April fools 💖💖