Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Release Day: The Mermaid's Den by ME!

I finally released my first novella The Mermaid's Den as part of the fantastic Falling in Deep Collection that I've raved about. And in the midst of publishing, the gals from the collection asked a few questions about my book and my process. I wanted to share those questions and my answers here:

  1. What is your favorite mermaid story or myth?
I was never surrounded by literary mermaids when I was younger until Arielle came around. But that didn’t mean I didn’t dream of becoming one. I didn’t need traditional stories to know there was something out there.
  1. What was the inspiration for your mermaid novella?
Relationships are hard, and we sometimes make tough choices and keep secrets. I wanted to explore how this played out in a mermaid world.
  1. Cast your characters. If your novella was made into a movie, who would play your main characters?
Laura would be someone strong, but reserved if she needed to be. Someone like Odette Annable. Tom is tougher to cast. I’d need someone a little more rough around the edges and not your traditional Hollywood hottie. He should be sweet, not a knock out. Maybe Zach Pennix. Not he isn’t beautiful, but you have a tendency to see more than that.

  1. What was most challenging thing writing about mermaids?
It was tough to figure out the logistics of their world. How would Laura fit into life on land?
  1. Ursula or Ariel?
Neither. Give me a Laura any day. J
  1. What else should we know about your novella?
I can’t wait to bring you more of Laura’s story. Look for the next Lunarian Tail (hee hee)!

Short Excerpt

I made my choice quickly and left in the middle of the night. I swam south, feeling the water warm slightly as I approached the Massachusetts coast. Familiar with the area from years of fishing there, I knew Southern Point and slid myself onto the rocks. I sat there in the cool, late-summer air, feeling the briskness of the sea breeze and a slight sting of the spray against my newly formed legs. 

Developing legs was always a sensuous experience to me. I watched my scales turn from their bright, inky blue to a honey color as they bleached before my eyes. Then they slowly turned smooth moments before my ankles separated and my toes lost their webbing. I felt supple and exotic as a human. I held a mystery that no one else knew or shared.

Legs also reminded me of Diana. We would find a beach free of humans and lie together, kissing and touching in the sand as our bodies transitioned from mer to human. Our tails would slowly change from beautiful fins to strong, elegant legs.

Diana moved slowly with me. None of her rapid, curt movements existed in our meetings. Those motions belonged to her royal self, not the one we shared. With me she lingered in her own skin, her hands in mine, our lips caressing necks, shoulders, and breasts. 

Our time together, our love, demanded privacy though. Lunarian queens were to remain celibate and focused on their tribe’s needs. Maybe that is why she found it so easy to send me to wed Minorius. Not only would it protect the tribe, but it removed me from her view. She wouldn’t need to create situations allowing her to spend time with me, nor would she need to remind me why we couldn’t be together. Instead, she could continue her life, her reign, further protected from a meaningless war and free from any temptation I may bring.

It may have helped that I left angrily. I think the memories faded quickly for that reason along. Regardless of why,as I embraced the human world, my new concerns, human concerns, took over. Looking human wasn’t the issue. Mer were created to blend in with humans in their environment, but we did not think the same way or follow the same rules.
Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Favorite Heroines Blog Hop!

Favorite Heroins Giveaway Hop: June 17th-24th we're sharing our favorite kickass heroines! Come meet these awesome ladies and find out why they're the best of the best. Be sure to stop by each blog. There's a giveaway at every stop!

The literary world is full of women who take charge and ask questions after they shoot, and I'm happy to be one of them! From writers to characters, women run the world, be they fictional or real, and it is our nurturing, protective, ambitious nature that allows women to play both the worried mother and raging sex kitten at the same time.

My favorite female protagonists cross genres and then some. One of my newer favorites is Melanie Karsak's Lily Stargazer of The Airship Racing Chronicles. Lily isn't your everyday heroine, and maybe she isn't a heroine at all. Instead she's a sexy, hell-raising, opium addict just looking to be loved, and to take her place in a man's world along the way.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Deep Breath by J. M. Miller

Happy Release Day! J. M. Miller deserves applause for her new novella
Deep Breath!


Before disappearing at sea, Marissa Pruitt’s father—a once revered marine archaeologist—walked the line of insanity, claiming to have seen a mermaid during an ordinary dive in the Gulf of Mexico. He abandoned his life and career, completely obsessed with chasing the truth.
It’s been years since his death, and Marissa is still tormented by countless unanswered questions. When she finds dive coordinates and a stone pendant hidden in her father’s things, she asks for help from his old protégé and sets out to give her father one last goodbye and maybe find closure for her troubled heart. Instead, she finds the truth he’d been searching for all along, with a life and love she never could have imagined. But there’s a price to see it all, one set by betrayal and paid with an anchor at her feet and salt water in her lungs.

About the Author-
J.M. Miller currently consumes her coffee in Florida. 
When she isn't distracted by social media sites, she writes Young Adult and New Adult romance novels that vary in genre from contemporary to paranormal, with a little mystery or suspense thrown in for fun. Aside from spending time with her family, she loves to travel and will jump at the chance to go anywhere, whenever life allows.

Stalker Links-
amazon- amazon.com/author/jmmiller

Marissa inhaled her first breath from the bailout bottle, hard and deep, and held it as she jerked at the chains for escape. Holding a breath while diving was not the best idea. It led to more recovery breaths, wasting more air. But, with a limited capacity bottle, she had to take the risk. She needed more time.
A lock fastened the chain tight around her ankles. She hooked her fingers into the links and yanked, but there was no way to slip the chain off. Still falling deeper, dread and panic twisted her insides and knocked her heartbeat loudly inside her ears. Fear overrode every bit of calm, crushing it like a tin can.
Another breath.
The anchor hit bottom. Her bare feet followed a moment later, colliding with its metal and the sand below, kicking up a cloud of sediment. She didn’t bother to look around. Her focus was only on the chain, but that didn’t keep her brain from wondering what was around her. The light from the surface was weak, dispersing through the water with only a faint glow. It was some reassurance that there were fewer predators around to smell the blood from the cut on her head. That light and reassurance would be gone soon enough, though. She wouldn’t last to see it go completely dark. She’d either be topside or dead.
Her heartbeat pounded on, a clock counting down to her fate. It screamed for her the words she couldn’t speak. It screamed for the air she couldn’t freely take.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A great giveaway from "Ink" & Melanie Karsak

Melanie Karsak visits with an amazing novella and a great giveaway opportunity! Be sure to buy the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!


A mermaid princess destined to wed a handsome king…

It sounds like a fairy tale, but the reality is far murkier.

Ink, Princess of the Florida Atlantic mers, is slated to wed the ancient enemy of her

tribe, the King of the Gulfs. After years of war that led to countless mer deaths, as well

as the genocide of aquatic shapeshifters and the freshwater mers of Florida, Ink’s

marriage will bring lasting peace.

Or so it seems.

Mere hours before she’s supposed to leave the ocean for her customary year as a

drywalker, Ink meets Hal, an alligator shifter who warns her that a storm is brewing.

There is malicious intent behind Ink’s marriage—and worse, meeting Hal has also

caused a storm to rage in Ink’s heart. Nevertheless, loyal to her tribe, Ink will put aside

her feelings and journey to Miami to marry the decadent King Manx.

Ink soon learns that her only hope of surviving the crashing force swelling around her is

to tap into a power deep inside—a forbidden power that might destroy them all.


Melanie Karsak is the author of the Amazon best-selling steampunk series The Airship Racing Chronicles (Chasing the Star Garden and Chasing the  Green Fairy) and the award-wining horror/dark fantasy Harvesting Series. She grew up in rural northwestern Pennsylvania and earned a Master’s degree in English from Gannon University. A steampunk connoisseur, white elephant collector, and zombie whisperer, the author currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children. She is an Instructor of English at Eastern Florida State College.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A.R. Draeger releases her novella "Of Ocean and Ash"

I want to welcome A.R. Draeger and thank her for the short interview she gave about her latest novella, Of Ocean and Ash. An amazing author with her breakout romance, A. R. Draeger published as part of the Falling in Deep Collection featuring stories of the sea and life within. She's awesome and so is her book! Be sure to grab it at Amazon!

Interview with the Author:

 So, Amber, what is your favorite mermaid story or myth?
 I tend to prefer Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. It’s incredibly haunting, and ashamedly, it has been far too long since I last read it.

This story was really unique. What was the inspiration for your mermaid novella?
Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Not that it’s a trade secret or anything, but because the story literally came to me. I’m not sure that I even spent more than an evening brainstorming on it. All I had to go on was that I wanted a physically flawed heroine (note: she’s gorgeous to everyone but herself), an emotionally troubled hero, and I wanted to throw them against the world. Everything else fell into place.

Okay, so go ahead and give us your dream cast for your characters.
If your novella was made into a movie, who would play your main characters? Oh shit. (Can I say shit? If not, just bleep it out.) Uhm. Wow. This is tough! For Ia, if I had the budget, I’d probably cast either Emma Stone or Emilia Clarke. Matthias – This is the big one. I have no clue. Find me a handsome, green-eyed, half-African, half-Caucasian actor who is around 30 years of age. ;) Lord Malcom – Daniel Craig. Zatia – Angela Bassett Joseph - Jaden Harmon

What was most challenging thing writing about mermaids?
This interview! (I’m halfway kidding.) For me, it was the mechanics. How do they move, swim? When they talk, are there air bubbles? Does it matter to the reader? LOL Basically, how technical should I get and how descriptive…and how much do I allow my reader to invent/imagine for themselves? It’s tricky.

Would you consider yourself more Team Ursula or Team Ariel? 
Am I too diplomatic for saying both? I feel for Ursula. There are few villains that I don’t have some form of sympathy for. Ursula is Ariel gone wrong. She’s the girl who wanted a different existence, and it turned out poorly. Instead of her desire landing her with legs and a prince and a castle, it landed her a bitter, rotten soul and banishment. Who knows what happened, and it could very well be that she’s a product of her own decisions, but it’s still a sad ending for her. What else should we know about your novella? This is my first ever romance! I fell absolutely in love with my characters, and I hope that you do too. Also, I tend to write a little on the dark side, a little morbid, and this does have some of that darkness to it, so be aware that it’s not exactly lighthearted. Please let me know what you think! Feel free to contact me on my website: www.amberdraeger.com, on my facebook page: facebook.com/ardraeger, or on twitter: twitter.com/adraeger.


Of Ocean… Cast into the sea at birth, human-born Ia found her adoptive family among the merfolk. While her underwater upbringing was peaceful, Ia’s blood-heritage and the strict societal rules of the merpeople lead her to wonder of the world above the waves.

And Ash… When a storm lands Ia ashore, she discovers her body has transformed into the human she would have been. Taken in as property by a callous plantation owner, Ia works alongside the slaves until she can make her way back to the water. There is nothing Ia wants more than to go home, that is, until she meets a handsome, troubled man named Matthias, who has a touch that can be as kind as his tongue is harsh.

Torn between two very different lives, Ia must choose – stay in his world and risk her life for a love untested, or return to the familiar arms of the underwater world that raised her and risk losing what may be the greatest love she will ever know.

Will Ia’s choice lead to her happiness or her destruction?

About the Author: 

Author Amber (A.R.) Draeger specializes in macabre, fantastical fiction, spreading her interest across multiple genres including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and thriller. Her debut romance novella, Of Ocean and Ash, to be published in the Blazing Indie Collective’s Falling in Deep Collection, will be released June 9th, 2015. Her debut horror/thriller/sci-fi novella, Daughters of Men, to be published in association with Bathory Gate Press, will follow in Summer 2015. She resides in rural Texas with her husband and son.
Contact / Connect:


Summer was waning when I was born, marked by the heat leaving the waters and the nights growing longer. My family wanted to migrate with the rest of their people, but they waited for me in the stillness of the waves, keeping an ever-watchful eye. Mother heard the wails of the fisherman’s wife the night the woman discovered she carried me in her womb. The fisherman and his wife lived next to the water in a small, dilapidated shack made of rotten wood and leaky thatch. They had six children before me, although Mother knew not in what mixture their genders numbered. All but two were taken away at birth. The couple had too many as it were for a meager fisherman and his wife, and I was yet another mouth to feed. The fisherman’s cries of mercy woke my family the night I was born. My arrival was sooner than expected, his wife not having carried me nine months in her womb. I was tiny, frail. My left leg was misshapen, my head oblong. Mother watched him from beneath the surface, saw his tanned sailor’s skin, ebony and white streaked hair, and grey-whiskered face. He looked down at me, the fragile bundle cradled in his arms, and cried out through parched lips and crooked, black teeth: “Forgive me, O God! Have mercy on her. I leave her to your care.” He dropped me in the water with a small plop.
Monday, June 8, 2015

Welcome to Amanda Mackey and "Your Heart to Keep"!

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: April 30, 2015

We don’t choose fate. It chooses us. Or so we are led to believe. 

Holly Jenkins is about to receive a new heart, thanks to a donor match from accident victim, Chloe McQuade.
The victim’s boyfriend, Bad boy Jax, is angry and grieving for his lost love. He hates everything and everyone, including Holly. It isn’t until he meets her that he realizes there is something about her he 
can’t explain. 
Could it be the beating heart of his dead girlfriend - the very one he owned, that calls to him? 
Is the intense pull towards Jax coming from Holly’s own emotions or are they Chloe’s? And why is she suddenly craving things she never did before? 
How do they decide what’s real and what’s not? 

Is fate at play or is it something more?


 He stopped. His shadow loomed over me. I knew he was taking me in. No one said anything but I could see Ty and Micah move in closer as if to stop Jax from doing something stupid. “You!” His low, tight voice greeted me and I stifled a whimper at his nearness as his breath touched the side of my face causing me to close my eyes and let it wash over me. What was wrong with me?

Turning my head and raising my eyes to the outline of his face, all I could hear was his heavy breathing. At that very second I wanted nothing more than to have full vision. To look into his eyes and see the storm I knew would be brewing. I sensed the distaste rolling off him, swirling around me but it didn’t matter. I didn’t care. Even with the front door open, his large body shot waves of heat through me as if I was standing beside the burning flames of hell.

We stood like that for an eternal minute before he sucked in a breath and on an exhale he growled, “I can’t fucking do this!” And then all the heat evaporated as he disappeared out the front door again. I forced my feet to stand still and not go after him.

About the Author:

I was born in NZ and raised in Australia where I’ve been living most of my life. My love of books came at an early age, introduced to me by my wonderful mother. I’ve always been an avid reader and writing became an extension of that. My favorite genres are paranormal, romance, erotica and some crime. I adore animals and I’m currently sponsoring a Malaysian Tiger through WWF. Cats in general, whether they be small house cats or larger wild tigers and lions are my favorites. I’d love to travel to Italy and Europe as well as Africa, Tibet and Nepal. 

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Jumping Genres Blog Hop

This blog hop asks us to go outside our comfort zone. That's right up my alley! I love the idea of saying yes to new experiences, and I encourage all of you to do the same! With a lovely summer kicking off, I think beach books are the way to go here.

I'm not much on the paranormal. In fact, some of it actually scares me a little bit. But, I was invited to publish a novella as part of the Falling in Deep Collection with a group of wonderful women. This collection focuses on the creatures of the deep. While I chose the beautiful and sexual mermaids, others have decided to write about were-krackens, water horses, and sirens. Because of this, I've jumped into reading paranormal fiction and I'm happy to give away a free eCopy of a collection novella, At the Heart of the Deep by Carrie L. Wells. It will be publishing on June 23rd, so if you win, you'll have a wait just a few days to get your copy!


Oceanographer Luke McAllister races to figure out why the ocean depth is changing off Florida's Treasure Coast. But before he and his crew discover what’s transforming the deep, he stumbles upon an even greater mystery. Leagues below the waves, he swear he sees…a mermaid?
Anya isn’t allowed to get close to humans. But when a golden-haired researcher gets too close to her island, she can’t afford to stay away.

Together, this unlikely pair will seek to discover what’s causing shifts in ocean floor. While their new alliance is forbidden, Anya will risk everything to save her beloved ocean. The only problem is, she’s not sure what’s really luring her in, her love of the sea or the tempest Luke has stirred in her heart. Either way, Anya knows that the dangers facing the sea are nothing compared to what will happen to her when her father learns she’s broken the merfolks’ most sacred law.

Can Anya and Luke discover what lurks at the heart of the deep before it's too late?


I caught sight of his cut, thought a moment, and swam away. He floated there, treading water and wondering what would happen next. At that point, his face conveyed the pain in his side. I watched an intense sting replace what I knew of the original burning sensation of a coral abrasion, and the open wound spilled into the ocean at a steady pace.

Conceivably, I had underestimated the severity of the cut. Maybe the coral cut deeper than I thought. The blood clouded the water surrounding him, and now the problem remained of how to take the injured man across the reef without doing further damage. We still needed to cross at least two miles and climb a rocky beach. Or did we?

Before he had time to contemplate any other option, I approached him from below. I swam up to him slowly, and he did nothing. He didn’t dive to meet me or attempt to swim away. He hung vertically in the water, waiting.
He must have felt me before he could clearly see me. The water shifted as I neared, my physicality changing the flow of the ocean around me. He knew I was there, but he didn’t dive below. Was he afraid? Too hurt to move? Instead, he stayed still, moving as little as possible, allowing my approach, and keeping the blood loss at a minimum.

I moved below him and then up, along his body, until my head emerged from the inky blue water and he stared into my eyes. He let out a fast gasp and quickly sank below the surface.

 About the Author:

Carrie L. Wells crosses genres, writing everything from newspaper editorials and textbooks to paranormal romance novellas. Her first fiction publication, The Heart of the Deep, will release in June 2015, followed by Playing with Magic in October 2015. A New England native, she spent her childhood on the beach and inland, fishing and dancing, before moving to Florida. And while she doesn’t tan, nothing keeps her from a walk on the beach.

Carrie earned her Master's degree in English with a minor in Psychology from Hardin-Simmons University and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Central Florida. With a love of chocolate, books, and her family, Carrie braves the world and chaos only children can bring. She currently lives in Florida with her fire-medic hubby and three children. She is an English instructor at Eastern Florida State College.

Connect with the author online:
Blog: http://www.carrielwells.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carriewellswrites
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/clwellswrites/
Newsletter: Subscribe to receive VIP novel excerpts and information http://eepurl.com/bgYN3X

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